Nutraceutcals are tailor-made products produced from natural phospholipids, sometimes as well in combination with other active substances with physiological benefits. These nutritional ingredient products are committed to the highest safety and quality standards.

LECICO and the Italian active pharmaceutical ingredient specialist CHEMI S.p.A. decided to merge their competence in phospholipids and nutraceuticals. The partnership combines the innovation, research and manufacture expertise of a state-of-the-art producer with a sales marketing operation which is highly skilled and experienced in the phospholipid field. The synergistic competence was built as alliance with the clear intention to provide an optimal package of research and development, quality and customer service.

Chemi S.p.A.  is the world leading company in phospholipid purification and chemical synthesis, having a number of proprietary technologies and patents available for the production of purified, semi-synthetic and synthetic phospholipids. Chemi produces their phospholipids under strictly GM guide lines for functional food, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical applications.