LECICO is now ISO 22000: 2005 certified!

The lecithin experts from Hamburg have achieved the ISO 22000: 2005 certification for their quality management system with effect from January 2018.
This internationally accepted standard specifies the requirements for a food safety management system. With this certification LECICO assures the quality and safety of foods along the entire supply chain. The scope of this approval is applicable in the field of purchasing, control of production, quality assurance, storage and distribution of lecithins and phospholipids.




New phosphatidylcholine enriched Soy Lecithin Powder

In view of the growing demand for lecithin powders with enriched content of phosphatidylcholine, LECICO has developed the new soy lecithin powder LIPAMINE PC 30 P IP. It is used especially as nutraceutical in functional food formulations, aerosols, ointments, as excipients in pharmaceuticals and liposomes. The yellowish powder is a natural choline source, improves liver metabolism and the absorption of lipophilic nutrients.




LECICO presents new sunflower and soy lecithin products

LECICO, a highly specialized international supplier of lecithin with over 30 years of experience, presents new sunflower and soy lecithin products. LECICO customers can choose from a diverse range of lecithins made from soy, sunflower, rapeseed and milk for many types of applications.

Lecithins are outstanding for their dual function: on the one hand they have excellent technological and functional benefits and guarantee safe use; one the other, their strengths are their nutritional value and their natural character.
The deoiled sunflower fine powder LECICO SUN FP 400 offers versatile use in many applications. It is non allergenic, light yellow in colour and is high concentrated in phospholipids and other active substances such as glycolipids. This leads to neutral odour and taste in applications, due to the removal of the non-polar lipids contained in the fluid lecithin. As the phospholipids are highly concentrated in LECICO SUN FP 400, the dosage requirements are lower than in a fluid lecithin.

LECICO SUN G 400 is a non-allergenic deoiled sunflower lecithin granule and is launched together with LECICO G 700 IP: Both deoiled lecithin granules are light tan to medium yellow in colour for use in various health supplements, functional food systems or as direct consumption. They are high bioavailable sources of phospoholipids and provide a broad range of nutritional benefits for consumers. The deoiled lecithins are natural sources of choline that is important for liver function, proper brain function and maintaining a healthy metabolism.




LECICO Organic Lecithin for 100 percent organic food products.

LECICO Organic Lecithin is produced from soya or sunflower without any chemical solvents and is available in liquid and powder form.

The fluid soybean lecithin LECICO F 600 ORGANIC and the fluid sunflower lecithin LECICO SUN 400 ORGANIC have very good chemical characteristics and provide perfect viscosities. The soybean powder LECICO P 900 ORGANIC and the sunflower powder LECICO SUN P 400 ORGANIC are excellent soluble in oil and dispersable in water. All LECICO Organic Lecithins are non-GMO and correspond to the concept of a complete organic production. The organic sunflower lecithins are additionally non-allergenic.

Use the positive effects of lecithin for your products. Together with their experienced experts LECICO stands for quality, quick response and reliability. The customer dedication is evidenced by a strong global sales force, organized along major regions. Products and technical services are provided through a network of different sales offices of local third party agents and distributors which all have many years of experience in the field of lecithin.

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