Milk Phospholipids - a perfect synergy of technology and physiology

LIPAMINE M 20 has a very unique polar lipid composition which is totally different from all other phospholipid preparations on the market. It improves the intestinal health, contributes to the maturation of the gut, stabilizes the immune system and improves brain development.

LIPAMINE M 20 is a new milk phospholipid obtained from natural milk by a special membrane separation process without using any solvents beside water. LIPAMINE M 20 has a special high content of up to 20% phospholipids including sphingomyelin, ceramides and gangliosides.

Milk phospholipids are part of the emulsifying principle in milk, the so-called milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). The milk phospholipid is obtained from guaranteed BSE-free milk. Due to application reasons for easier formulation, the phospholipids as a concentrate (up to 20%) are combined with milk components as carrier to obtain a powdered product.
In summary, milk derived phospholipids like LIPAMINE M 20 offer a fascinating synergy of interesting technological functions combined with an attractive range of health benefits.

This makes them ideal candidates for food formulations:

  • Stable against oxidation
  • Bland milk taste
  • Easily dispersible (approx. 20 % concentrate on milk component as carrier)
  • Form stable liposomes with excellent entrapment efficiency and stability
  • Emulsifying properties (for/with other [functional]